Don’t let your creditors
falsely threaten you

As a means to collect, all too often, creditors use illegal and fraudulent tactics. Whether it is by threatening that they can send you to jail, pretending to work for the government or posing as a law firm, these are all illegal methods of pursuing payment. If you have received a false threat forcing immediate payment, do not pay them. You are protected against these tactics under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and we can help you.

t is considered fraudulent and illegal for creditors to do any of the following to you:

  • Threaten
  • Scold
  • Intimidate
  • Harass

On top of this, creditors cannot call you during odd hours or several times a day, they cannot make false representations about the debt, who they are or their intentions. Oftentimes, creditors use the tactic of posing as a law firm or lawyer and threatening you if you do not pay. This is illegal and you should not pay. If you have suffered from any of the above tactics, contact us. We are here for you and can put a stop to the harassment.

Some things that we can do for you as your legal defense are:

  • Screening the telephone calls from your creditors.
  • Stopping any visits to your home or threats to your family.
  • Informing you of your rights and the legal actions you can take.
  • Preventing harassing calls at work.
  • Representing you in a bankruptcy action to find relief from the debt.

Don't wait and let creditors continue to harass and threaten you. Contact the Columbus bankruptcy attorneys at The Nesbitt Law Firm for the protection you need. We offer completely free case evaluations so that we can get on the same page and discuss your unique circumstances. Get started now by calling us at (614) 344-6858.


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