"I interviewed and had consultations with 5 attorneys prior to visiting your firm. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for in an attorney, until I met you that is. Your are attentive and actually converse 'with' your clients instead of talking at them. As I believe I expressed before, I appreciate you and your firms handling of my case and treating me with tactfulness and professionalism...rare qualities in today's business climate."
- Charles M.
"I was fortunate to see you in action as my attorney, alongside other attorneys representing their respective clients.  I like to think I am very observant, and what I saw today accentuated the professionalism and secure knowledge base that you possess, as well as your organization and preparedness.  Going through this process is painful, humiliating and scary at times. But just knowing that you have the legal end of things well in your grasp makes me feel at ease, and I owe you a great debt of gratitude for that.  I could not have been more fortunate in selecting my attorney for this; you are phenomenal and may not hear that enough. You are tremendous at what you do, keep doing it the way you are, you are truly a gift to the profession!"
- Doug M.
"Laura helped facilitate my complex situation to a resolution that allowed me to balance my road to financial recovery through the initial Chapter 13 filing and the needs of my family. When my financial situation changed due to a job change, move out of state, and expansion of my family, Laura again guided me through the process and helped me reach an agreement with the court. While a consummate professional, I deeply appreciated the empathy Laura showed for me and my family during the process. Through her actions and subsequent results with the court and my creditors, It has been clear Laura has my best interest in mind."
- Dave R.
"Laura is an extremely professional and talented bankruptcy attorney. She is detail oriented, driven, and strives to provide financial freedom for all of her clients."
- Colin M.
"Laura has helped us through a very stressful time in our lives. We appreciate her expertise as a bankruptcy attorney as well as her down-to-earth compassion regarding our situation. We are so glad to have chosen her for our attorney!"
- Mike and Laura R.
"Laura - It was so nice to meet you, you were exactly what I thought you would be. I'm so impressed by you. Thank you for your time and thank you for the Credit Report. I'm very drained and very tired right now, but I feel better having spoken with you."
- K.P.
"Thank you for all your help!! Your brilliant work to settle my debt saved me $5,291.15, plus I’m out of debt - no more interest payments! You have been a life changer!"
"Laura is the best attorney ever. She saved my life. I had a very difficult case and she knew exactly what to do! I highly recommend Nesbitt Law Firm."
- M.M.
"I had to file bankruptcy last year due to a great amount of debt including an unfair judgement. She was so comfortable to be around and thoroughly helped me through the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and was also available to take my call at any time of day if I had questions. I appreciate all of the help and would highly recommend her."
- Anonymous

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