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The worry about unpaid debt can feel like you're wearing a lead vest weighing you down and making it difficult to breathe. Relentless calls from unscrupulous creditors only increase the heaviness and tighten the grip of the burden. Then comes the Compliant and law suit notice in the mail. All of a sudden you are on your heels and not sure where to turn. It’s time for real help – it’s time for you to find a permanent solution, and The Nesbitt Law Firm can do just that.

At Nesbitt Law Firm, our skilled Columbus litigation attorney can inform you of your rights and provide you with a feasible plan to ensure you can move forward with peace of mind, knowing you are represented and protected. We can stop the creditor harassment, phone calls, garnishments, and repossession threats you are facing and get you on your way to a complete financial solution.

Debtors Rights In Columbus, Ohio

Creditors and debt collectors often use guilt, threats and other forms of intimidation to bully you in their attempt to get payment. They are banking on the likelihood that only they are aware that none of these forms of harassment are legal! Under federal law, creditors only have three courses of action when addressing unpaid debt: Cease business with you, report you to a credit bureau, or file a lawsuit.

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is a federal law enacted to protect consumers' rights and to protect you from devious creditors. Under this act, debt collectors are not allowed to engage in any of the following forms of behavior:

  • Calling you late at night, early in the morning, or excessively
  • Contacting a third party regarding your debt without written permission from you
  • Making false threats, such as categorizing your debt as a "crime"

We Can Help You Breathe Again!

If are you dealing with unrelenting phone calls or any other forms of credit coercion, our Columbus litigation attorney, Laura M. Nesbitt, can help! Ms. Nesbitt understands the downward emotional and economic spiral ruthless creditors can create. She is an experienced, compassionate attorney who can provide you with sound legal advice to stop the bullying and get you back on stable financial ground.

Nesbitt Law Firm can stop creditor harassment and deliver customized legal advice without judgment! Contact us today to request a free initial consultation from one of the best debtor rights attorneys in Central Ohio!

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