Tax debt problems are also some of the most difficult issues to resolve. The good news is that you don’t have to take on the problem alone. The Nesbitt Law Firm can successfully assist in assessing and determining the root cause of your tax concerns and collection issues to provide options and permanent solutions to the problem.

Tax filing requirements and liabilities associated with taxable income or trust fund withholding obligations are often a source of confusion and anxiety for clients. Often this leads to inaction on the part of the taxpayer. I often hear: “I know I owed, so I didn’t file my return.” This does not fix any issue, it simply creates a larger problem – like throwing water on Gizmo from the famous movie Gremlins, the little problem gets bigger and meaner! Don’t let IRS or the State chase you like a Gremlin! The Nesbitt Law Firm can help to keep you out of hot water with a personally tailored solution for your tax issues.

Depending on the scope of your tax issues, many solutions may be available to address your situation.

Some of the areas we can help to address include:

Advice on filing required returns

IRS tax levy notices and enforcements through garnishments and repossession

Advice on personal and business tax liabilities

Advice on IRS collection notices

Avoidance of or discharge of IRS penalties and tax liens

State tax debt relief

Some solutions, which may include referrals to other area professionals, may include one or more of the following:

  • Filing past due returns to determine correct liability and address the liability with a tailored solution
  • Filing an offer in compromise with the IRS
  • Corresponding with the Ohio Attorney General’s Collections Enforcement Division
  • Reducing penalties and interest on tax liabilities
  • Negotiating an affordable installment plan on the tax liability
  • Filing for Innocent Spouse Protection
  • Filing and arguing an administrative tax appeal
  • Stop or recover a tax refund offset
  • Filing for bankruptcy relief to discharge tax debt – Yes! This is sometimes possible!

If you are finally ready to get your taxes in order and improve your overall financial condition, The Nesbitt Law Firm is here to help with a tailored solution.

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