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Legal debt negotiation and settlement is different with The Nesbitt Law Firm. When you hire an attorney to legally negotiate and settle your debt you are hiring a fiduciary. Our bottom line is to protect your best interest – not our bottom line. There are no hidden fees and we are duty-bound to ensure you have a direct line of communication to your attorney and staff who will work diligently on your matter. You do not necessarily need to hire an attorney in order to settle your debts; everyone has seen the commercials for companies that promise to help settle consumer debt. However, because we are a local law firm, licensed to practice in Ohio and the Federal Southern District of Ohio. Bottom line, The Nesbitt Law Firm offers assistance with this process because you need the guidance, care, and expertise that only our team can provide.

When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that your debt negotiation and settlement matter will be handled in a swift manner and that your rights will be protected throughout the process.

Benefits Of Having A Lawyer On Your Side

There are many benefits to hiring an attorney for debt negotiation and settlement as opposed to seeking this relief on your own. Most importantly, The Nesbitt Law Firm is familiar with the creditors to whom you owe money as well as with their likelihood to settle, the amount they will take to settle your debt, and the typical requirements for settlement.

This knowledge allows you to be fully prepared to comply with the terms of the settlement as soon as one is reached. There are also some aspects of debt settlement that can leave an individual in a precarious situation in the future if he or she is not fully informed at the time of settlement and careful with the documentation requested from the creditor at the time of settlement. Your attorney at The Nesbitt Law Firm will keep you apprised of all developments during he process as well as things to be aware of as you move forward to a more secure financial future.

Another advantage afforded to clients who hire The Nesbitt Law Firm for debt negation and settlement is that they are represented by an attorney during the settlement process. The Nesbitt Law Firm, as a law firm, has specific legal and ethical obligations to the client. Such obligations do not necessarily exist for the client who hires a credit consolidation company or other third party to assist with debt relief options. Our fees are always disclosed clearly in writing, and our first consideration is always the client’s best interest, not profit.

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Many individuals seeking debt negotiation and settlement eventually choose to resolve their debt under the protection of the bankruptcy court due to the distinct advantages that the bankruptcy code offers. Debt negotiation and settlement, however, can be right in the proper situation. If you are considering debt negotiation and settlement, you should contact The Nesbitt Law Firm today for your individual case evaluation.

Debt relief is closer than you think! Work with our firm to learn about your rights as a consumer and how a Columbus bankruptcy attorney can benefit your situation.

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