Columbus Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Our Columbus bankruptcy lawyers at The Nesbitt Law Firm can help you fight your wrongful foreclosure case. We are powerful litigators with the skills that are necessary to assist clients during their foreclosure case. If you are a victim of wrongful foreclosure, we can provide you foreclosure defense lawyers with experienced for each step of your case. Contact us today!

We can help with the following foreclosure matters:

  • Bad-faith foreclosure
  • Lender wrongdoing
  • Lender liability claims
  • Loan modification compliance

Are You The Victim Of Deceptive Lending?

If you have received a notice of foreclosure that came about in a wrongful manner, do not hesitate to contact our foreclosure defense lawyers. We assist homeowners who are victims of deceptive lending practices or fraud and can work to develop a strong case on their behalf. You may be able to keep your property and collect damages. If we are unable to stop the foreclosure process altogether, we may be able to delay the process.

Take Action Against Wrongful Foreclosure

Foreclosure lawyers at our firm can take proactive action to resolve your foreclosure case, beginning with a close evaluation of your case. We can carefully examine all of the following:

  • Loan documents
  • Notices of foreclosure
  • Other documents related to the foreclosure
  • Past attempts to stop foreclosure

After we have all the information, we can begin to develop a strong case and hold the lender responsible for the wrong doing of the lender. Whether the lender failed to provide you with a notice of the foreclosure proceedings or a loan workout agreement was ignored, we can help you fight for your rights!

We Have Extensive Knowledge Of Your Rights!

We can stand up for your rights and help pursue the results you deserve. We encourage you to take immediate legal action and contact our legal team. The Nesbitt Law Firm is prepared to assist you as you fight against the wrongful foreclosure you currently face.

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