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At The Nesbitt Law Firm, we strive to provide financial freedom to each and every client who retains our representation. Our firm of dedicated legal professionals stands ready to ensure that each individual receives personalized attention, one-on-one guidance, and trusted legal counsel for his or her particular situation.

For many people, debt and financial problems can add up quickly, and most people do not know where to turn or who to trust to help them improve their situations. When you work with the Columbus bankruptcy attorney from our firm, we can help you determine whether bankruptcy or a bankruptcy alternative may be right for you. Do not hesitate to work with The Nesbitt Law Firm as soon as possible and start regaining control of your finances.

Factors To Consider

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, there are a few things that you and your attorney will consider. We can delve into your current financial situation and reflect on all alternatives and chapters that you may be eligible to file under. If it is determined that bankruptcy may be the best course of action for you, we can guide explain the various benefits of bankruptcy and how it can help eliminate your financial woes.

Bankruptcy may be right for you if:

  • You are experiencing harassing creditor calls and collection attempts
  • You are facing foreclosure
  • You have had a car or property recently repossessed
  • Your wages are being garnished
  • You have bank levies against your accounts
  • You are unable to repay loans, debts or credit cards

Of course, each person's situation is different, and your case may vary, which is why it is so important that you contact the trusted Columbus bankruptcy lawyer from our firm as soon as you feel the weight of debt pulling you down.

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You are not alone. Each year, millions of Americans find themselves fighting to stay afloat and handle their financial responsibilities. Although the economy is starting to turn around, many people still feel the effects of the downturn. If you are struggling to make ends meet, or you fear that you will soon miss a payment, contact The Nesbitt Law Firm right away. We are proud to provide free consultations to all potential clients. Do not hesitate to work with the experienced Columbus bankruptcy lawyer from our firm today!

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